Sequor tracks your routes and share them
with whoever you want

Sequor is an italian App, the first one which tracks your steps both indoors and outdoors.

Its locationing system in addition to use Gps signal, like the best current Gps apps, takes advantage of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology too, making Sequor suitable for different uses and circumstances.

In the suburb of a town, on the beach or mountain, Sequor reaches you, allowing those who loves you to be always on your way.

Why should you choose Sequor?

For your children

If you wish happiness for you children, giving them more freedom. Sequor helps you to always know your children location.

For weak people

If you have old parents and you want to track their routes.

For you

If you would save your journeys, finding again places which are not on the maps.

For whoever you want

If you wish to keep in touch with the people around you and to create a bigger safety net.

Sequor doesnt’ make discriminations, it finds you!

The introduction of new satellite positioning and of variuos Gps devices of smaller size, has solved the tracking trouble only partially: high costs and signal reception usable only outdoors still limit these new devices in many features.

Sequor is able to quickly find you both indoors and outdoors thanks to integrated management system of three sensors.

Suggest alternative tracking

You could share in Real Time and with whom you prefer, the distance covered since you turned on the trackerphone Android, suggesting the alternatives to classic routes shown on maps.

In case of emergency

The people you shared your tracking session with, will receive your alert and help you at any time.

Tap the safety button and send the alert immediately. A siren will reach the other’s devices and help your friends reaching you.

Indoors, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth will substitute the Gps control and facilitate the tracking.

Per le persone più anziane Sequor può rappresentare una garanzia. Attiva la condivisione del tracciamento continuo sul telefono, potrai seguire nonni e bambini direttamente dal cellulare
Premendo il pulsante start inizierai la tua sessione su Sequor tracking app

Continuous tracking

Sequor is there for you whenever and wherever you need it. The app tracks your steps on the way from the moment you press start and share the session with a friend, until the moment the telephone is switched off.

You can easily have a look at your former sessions on your device’s screen.

Session sharing

If You love skiing, trekking, jogging or parkour and nevere want to be alone.

Share your best adventures in real time with your favourite friends, by using Sequor.

Il tasto share su Sequor tracking app, permetterà agli utenti selezionati di vedere il tuo tracciato

Safety mode

Nobody can save himself alone!

In case of emergency, the rescue mode will help you alarm your friends.

Both visual and audio signals will help them finding your location.

If your device loses the internet connection after having launched the SOS alarm, the Safety Mode function shows your last tracking to the people who accepted your request.

Sequor tracking app ha un tasto allarme per allertare i tuoi cari in caso di pericolo

Sequor in brief

Once the tracking is active, the people you shared the session with will follow you everywhere

If you are in danger or walk alone and need someone to watch over you, you can ask your friend to follow you and alert them with a simple tap

Parental control: allows you to activate the permanent tracking of your children or your elder relatives

Privacy: share your data only with the people you choose

Only for Android v. 4.4 or superior with GPS/Bluetooth and WiFi

Free web app with mobile version

Download Sequor